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War Legend : Invitational Series

War Legend is organizing its biggest Fortnite Event to date, a promising squads competition named War Legend : Invitational Series. In this series the best European players will fight over 4 weeks, trying to obtain not only the top spot but a piece of the 50,000€ cash prize.

As you may know, War Legend has been encouraging the competitive Fortnite community since March 2018 by organizing online and offline Tournaments. War Legend : Invitational Series is a brand new step, promising a European competition over many weeks : an awesome opportunity for players and an amazing show that you can watch and follow from home.

Rise Up !

Season of SQUAD

Each week, thousands of SQUADS try to be at the top of the Fortnite Champion Series’ leaderboard, and Europe proves to be a battleground for its 500 qualifying spots. In order to follow the actual Fortnite competitive politics and gaming modes, War Legend decided to organize a SQUAD competition.

The participants will be selected from the best European players and hopefuls.


Each Session will be casted live on War Legend’s WebTV by @ClayStehling and @Leven2K.

Make sure to watch on :


War Legend : Invitational Series will be composed of 6 Sessions in which a total of 50 SQUADS will play.

Each Session will have its own Leaderboard.

There will be a Series Leaderboard that is updated at the conclusion of each Session. 

Each SQUADS score, on the Series Leaderboard, will only be updated if their score at the conclusion of a Session is better than their previous score. Which will be stored on the Series Leaderboard. Advancement from one Session to another will be determined by SQUAD placement in the Session Leaderboard at the conclusion of each Session.

TOP 20 SQUADS of each Session’s Leaderboard will play the next Session.

The last 5 SQUADS of a Session are not invited to the next Sessions, they loose their slot definitely, yet will keep their placement in the Series Leaderboard. This way, 5 new SQUADS are invited to each Session.

At the end of the 6 Sessions, the top 25 SQUADS on the Series Leaderboard will qualify to the Final.



Every Session Leaderboard AND the Series Leaderboard will be linked and posted on our Twitter account : @WLFortnite

We invite you to react on social media with the hashtag : #WarLegend



The Series Leaderboard is updated each week at the conclusion of each Session.

Find the Series Leaderboard through the followed links.

SESSION 01 : Leaderboard

SESSION 02 : Leaderboard

SESSION 03 : Leaderboard

SESSION 04 : Leaderboard

SESSION 05 : Leaderboard

SESSION 06 : Leaderboard

FINAL : Leaderboard


Match Scoring System

Victory Royale: 120 Points

2nd: 95 Points

3rd: 90 Points

4th: 85 Points

5th: 80 Points

6th: 75 Points

7th: 70 Points

8th: 65 Points

9th: 60 Points

10th: 55 Points

11th: 50 Points

12th: 45 Points

13th: 40 Points

14th: 35 Points

15th: 30 Points

16th: 25 Points

17th: 20 Points

18th: 15 Points

19th: 10 Points

20th: 5 Points

Each Elimination: 8 Points


FINALS Leaderboard


SERIES Leaderboard

Series Leaderboard. [SESSION 06]



Official Rules

Read through the full rules here



Follow us on Twitter : @WLFortnite


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