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War Legend : Invitational Series – FINALS

War Legend is organizing its biggest Fortnite Event to date, a promising squads competition named War Legend : Invitational Series. In this series, the best European players will fight over 4 weeks, trying to obtain not only the top spot but a piece of the 50,000€ cash prize.


Each Session will be casted live on War Legend’s WebTV by @ClayStehling and @Leven2K.

Make sure to watch on :

Qualified Teams – FINALS


To know more : here

FINALS – Live standings (scroll-down)

As the following players did not respect the Competition’s Official Rules, they received a sanction :

  • Gambit Letw1k3, Gambit Fwexy, Secret Domentos & VP Jamside : -100 Points for grief. TOTAL POINTS = 686 points
  • Fnatic Pr0vokd, Heretics Belvid, FaZe Martoz & FaZe Vorwenn : Game 6’s points are not counted for illegaly filling their squad (-40 Points) + -600 Points for not playing 6 Games. TOTAL POINTS = -346 points
  • E11 Crippa, Myztro Whai, Zyppann & Tchub : -600 Points foe not playing 6 Games. TOTAL POINTS = -218 points
  • NRG Benjifishy, FaZe Mongraal, LeStream Nayte & LZR Wolfiez : -100 Points for abandonment. TOTAL POINTS = 838 points

FINALS Leaderboard



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