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Voici la liste des problèmes connus du premier patch Diablo 3 (qui sera mis en place le jour de la sortie du jeu):

Posté par Blizzard

Hello everyone, and welcome to Sanctuary! Below you will find the Known Issues list for our 1.0.1 patch. Please do not report bugs that you see on this list as we already know about them, and help out other players reporting bugs by referring them to this list. Thank you!

Achievements The description of the Feat of Strength for « One of the Chosen » does not specifically state that it was granted to Closed Beta players, not all Beta players. The description of the achievement « Why’d It Have To Be Snakes? » is misleading. The description of the achievement « Crispy Critters » implies that all critters are found in one zone, but they are not. Good luck finding them!

Auction House You cannot list equipped items that have been bought from a vendor. It is possible to get ERROR 37 (The servers are busy, please try again) when logging in if the servers are under heavy stress. This error literally means that the servers are busy and that you should try again, so please try again in a minute or so! Very quickly entering, leaving, and switching chat channels over and over can cause a player from getting locked out of chat channels. It is possible for a friend to be on your friend’s list with no name if that friend has a BattleTag but has never logged into Diablo III and is offline. Changing your account’s Parental Controls while you are in Diablo III can disconnect you from Diablo III. Workaround: Exit Diablo III before changing Parental Controls.

Combat Damage over time debuffs are not benefiting from items that grant crit chance. The resurrection animation speed is being calculated by the player’s attack speed. It actually should be a set amount across all players.

Environment [Act 2] Players who cast Town Portal while standing in a tar pit will cause the tar pit slowing debuff to stay on your character until you leave the game or manually walk into and out of a tar pit.

Monsters The gold dropped from Treasure Goblins can be picked up by all members of the party. Items dropped by the Treasure Goblins are still individual player drops. It is possible for Champion-class monsters with the Waller affix to cast their walls at their location rather than at the player’s location.

Followers The total life for Followers is rounding incorrectly and is off by 1.

Starter Edition When a Starter Edition character hits level 13, the experience bar will read 0/0. If the player upgrades, they will start a 0 experience towards level 14.

Tools If the user has any connections configured in « Dial-up and Virtual Private Network settings » and they’re set to « Dial whenever a network connection is not present, » the install won’t proceed past 10%. It is possible for your cinematics to stutter and not play well if you begin playing Diablo III immediately when reaching Yellow Data. Workaround: Exit Diablo III and fully patch your game. Your cinematics should play fine then.

Compatibility Running programs that put an overlay over Diablo III (such as Mumble, Xfire, and MSI Afterburner) can cause Diablo III to crash. Use these overlays at your own risk.

Mac The Restore Hero button does not become available after deleting a hero until leaving and returning to the Select Hero page. Game client window becomes unresponsive when a dialog box is opened in the background.

Dans la langue de Molière ça donne:

Hôtel des ventes: Vous ne pourrez pas mettre en vente un objet acheté chez un marchand. Toujours ce probleme d’Error 37, tentez de vous reconnecter environ une minute après le message d’erreur. Changer les contrôles parentaux en étant dans le jeu peut vous déconnecter de Diablo 3, pensez donc a changer ces contrôles hors connexion au jeu. <- important!

Combat: Le pourcentage de coup critique n’affecte pas les DoT. Le cast du rez des autres joueurs est actuellement lié à la vitesse d’attaque du joueur, la valeur/vitesse de cast devrait être égale pour tous les joueurs.

Compagnons: Le total de points de vie des compagnons est reduit de 1.

Outils: Si votre connexion est configurée en « Dial-up et paramètres de réseau privé virtuel » et est modifiée en « Dial chaque fois qu’une connexion réseau n’est pas présent, » l’installation n’ira pas au-delà de 10%. <- important!

Compatibilité: Tout programme en tache de fond du style outils de communication (mumble and co) peut provoquer un crash du client de Diablo 3 <- important!

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As Global Play will be disabled until after the game launches in all regions, it’s important that you choose your account’s correct region when attempting to play the game. If you do not select your correct region, your login attempt will be denied, and you will not be able to connect.To choose your correct region: At the log in screen click on Options Choose the Account tab Select your correct region in the Region drop down Ensuring your correct region is selected, attempt logging in again, and watch the breaking news window for additional service information.

Donc comme indiqué, la fonction Global Play sera désactivée à la release, soyez sûrs de la région où vous allez jouer!

Pour choisir votre region, suivez cette procédure: – A l’écran de connexion cliquez sur Options -> onglet Compte -> choisissez la région où vous voulez jouer -> validez.

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