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Les devs qui bossent chez Blizzard (y’en a) sont sur le point de pondre une série de modifications pour l’hôtel des ventes (gold et argent réel). Texte originel en Anglais ci-dessous puis résumé en Français par mes soins juste après!

Posté par Blizzard

I want to be able to search for something more specific. Increasing the number of preferred stat options to at least 5 would be helpful. 3 is not enough, as you can see, it’s taken up immediately by 3 already necessary options. Thanks for the feedback! We’re looking to bump the number of Preferred Stats slots from 3 up to 6. We’re also looking to bump the number of digits in the « Min Value » window from 3 to 5 (so you can search for Preferred Stat values higher than « 999 »).

Are you also fixing it so that you can search for all of the affixes on an item? Some are missing from the list… We’re definitely working on filling the missing gaps. On a somewhat related note, we also want players to be able to search for stats on Legendary items.

While making these changes please give the ability to exclude items with a socket that already have a gem in the socket. Making it so that stat increases which come from slotted gems aren’t taken into account when searching for equipment is absolutely on the « to do » list.

can u guys make it so we can search the DPS on items like offhands, its not an option yet This is also something we want to do.

Wander what patch this will be implemented in. Just to be clear, the things I’ve commented are changes we’re working on right now. Some of these changes are planned for 1.0.4, and some are planned for 1.1.0. Due to implementation and testing needs, however, those plans may change and get moved around, so just keep that in mind.

Can you confirm whether you will allow us to see stats on items sold? Or prices we list things at? You mean stats of items in the Completed tab? If so, yes — that is functionality we’re looking to add. We’re also looking to make it so that you can see the listing price of unsold and cancelled items in the Completed tab, as well. (Not sure if that answered your last question completely, but I still felt it was relevant information to share.)

It would be nice to be able to cancel auctions that have no bid yet. But once they have a bid its locked it, because it will sell. We like this solution also. We definitely want to provide players with the option to cancel an auction (at any point after it’s posted) so long as it does not have any bids. Right now, we’re looking at this for 1.0.4, but that of course may change depending on implementation and testing.

Lylirra, is there any looking into giving us the option as to the timers for auctions? You mean being able to select the duration of the auction? We definitely have seen this feedback (and appreciate it), but we don’t have any plans currently.

I do think that the lack of ability to cancel an auction is a bit annoying I do think there are many more improvements that would be more helpful. I put together as short list and I would like to get some other opinions on some more improvements. Thanks! I’ll give it a look. :)

Résumé : – Un sixième slot d’attribut afin d’affiner vos recherches. – Vous pourrez aussi renseigner des valeurs dépassant 1000+. – La possibilité d’annuler une vente si il n’y a pas d’enchère dessus est à l’étude. – Une option de recherche d’items avec chasse et non gemmé est aussi à l’étude. – Ces changements sont prévus pour le futur patch 1.04 (au mieux).

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